Growing up means developing a sense of independence. I remember thinking as a child, I cannot bus alone... that is the most frightening thing, ever. Nowadays, I still remember that thought as I venture to places by myself, with the music in my ear buds keeping me company. While finding this independence we have to accept being alone, even enjoy it. The alone I'm talking about is not the alone where we're by ourselves in our room, watching funny YouTube videos without anyone to bug us. Alone as in dining out by yourself, going to concerts by yourself (we can argue that this is not really being alone), spending hours reading at the book store, or living by yourself. We have to develop a sense of confidence towards our thoughts, decisions, and actions. Vulnerability may or may not help you in such situations.

Having missed the opportunity to apply for exchange last year to study abroad, I decided to complete my bachelors degree and see where my work takes me. Who doesn't want to witness an entirely different culture and develop themselves into well-rounded individual? Everyone struggles with being alone sometimes, however at 20 years old, I finally feel the need to prove that I can fend for myself. I have been feeling rather wanderlust for quite a while now... good ol' case of itchy feet... and so, I hope this coming summer takes me somewhere good.

Summer Heart - I Wanna Go