Last night I got to see one of my favourite musicians, Lucy Rose, perform live as she kicked off her North American tour in Toronto. This was my first time seeing her perform with her full band and it was wonderful being able to witness her feed off each member’s energy. Watching Lucy reminded me of myself two years ago when I first started listening to her music. A younger version of myself entering university filled with worries and doubt. Fast forward two years and I’ve gained so many experiences that I would have never imagined. My Gamble designs were inspired by Lucy’s song of the same name, encouraging me to take risks - even though I’m older with more to lose. Just like I used to


 My friend Christie and I were fortunate enough to meet Lucy for the second time together. It is so important to us to support our favourite artists anyway possible, whether it is to attend their concert or buy their music. Since Christie and I are both visual artists at heart, we know the feeling that comes with being understood through our creations... to have someone approach us, telling us that they admire our work would be an amazing form of reassurance that we're moving in the right direction. Afterwards, we ended the night talking about anything that came into mind, including our personal goals, what we have achieved since graduating high school, new hobbies, and everything in between; but most importantly tons of new bands for over two hours - all the while playing good music of course (check out her 8tracks). 

I realize how important it is to keep the friends in high school that chose different paths when going into university. It opens your eyes when you sit down with them and see how their ambitions changed throughout the years... yet what remained the same (like music tastes). They are able to provide different point of views for you, whether it is towards your current creations, or current lifestyle. Stepping out of my design bubble certainly helped me realize that everyone is chasing their own goals and that although I may not be the best at my field, I know I am still continuing to grow. Who would have known these thoughts would sprout from a simple concert and get together with an old friend?

Lucy Rose - Gamble