Loving What You Do

Growing up I wanted to be an artist or a musician, but I guess we know which direction I chose. During the last few years of elementary school, I decided I wanted to go into the Advertising and/or Editorial field. However, when it came time to choose university programs in high school, I chose a broader route in hopes to learn and experiment more disciplines within Graphic Design. And so, here I am at York University and Sheridan College. If it weren't for this program, I don't know when and how my love for information design would catch up to me. Ever since my Information Design 1 class, I have fallen in love with every aspect of the practice. I adore researching for statistics and tend to spend hours on hours looking through books and websites. This past summer, researching was the reason that got me out of bed on many occasions. I had a few new responsibilities on my plate in regards to extra curricular activities, but that didn't stop me from brainstorming new information graphic projects to start. I figured waking up early to collect data meant I would be able to start on the actual designing by the end of the day, boy was I wrong. There was no ending to the statistics, I wanted numbers to everything.

I have to say that I am currently feeling the same way. Having started researching for my first Information Design 2 project, I am super excited to start the design process once I am finished with the statistics. It's good to know that I enjoy what I do at school - although it may stress me out intensely at times. I realized that many of my friends outside of design despise going to their classes. How can that be? This is what you're interested in, it's your major! With one more year until graduation, I hope the excitement that I get with new projects never fade. 

Following your passion is so important. With my passion in both design and music, I always try to combine both whenever I can; be it in an information graphic or a simple poster. With day to day designing, I try to balance it out by going to concerts and exposing myself to different atmospheres. I realized that although I've been blogging about the concerts I've attended, I never mentioned anything on the opening bands - even though I inevitably become almost equally as in love with them as the headliner. Haerts, a band from New York, opened for Washed Out and I absolutely adore them. Their catchy indie/dream pop tunes surely get me moving in my seat. Dan Griffin opened for Lucy Rose and I was certainly blown away by this local who I've never heard of before. The next morning I went on the iTunes store and did my duty. I'm always up for new mellow fall tunes and the Bordertown Ep as well as his Leave Your Love album is perfect. Haerts has yet to release a full length, so I'm patiently waiting. I'm certainly excited to catch Nightmare and The Cat and Little Daylight open for Bastille and hopefully we'll be seeing more new music in my iTunes for October.