Weight of Living

Last Wednesday, I attended Bastille's sold out show at Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. My best friend Anthony had luckily found a couple of tickets in August and we were super ecstatic to be seeing Bastille on his birthday. However, not until a few days before the show, did my school load really kick in. All my excitement gradually became overpowered by nerves and I kept worrying about time. Do I have enough? Yes/No? Whenever I'm stuck in this situation, there's nothing else I can do but grab my agenda. Planning each event out - each little task - really helps me relax. I guess there's a part of me that just won't let me be spontaneous. Not now anyways. 


Of course, I never let myself enter a concert hall with a weight on my shoulders. Being our goofy selves, Anthony and I had already laughed all our stresses away by the time it was doors at Phoenix. Laughter is truly our medicine. I found myself all smiles, from the beginning to the end of the show. My expectations were high, and Bastille certainly lived up to it. The very first time I heard of Bastille was when Watch Listen Tell posted their video of the band singing "Overjoyed" acapella. At that moment, I knew this was a band I needed to listen to. It led me to download their "Other People's Heartaches Pt. 2" album - an album which left me stunned at what this band can do. Their ability to remix classics from the early 2000s with their then unreleased tracks, along with current hits in this album is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this night not only because I got to experience it all with my best friend and a couple of other buds, but because the opening bands Nightmare and the Cat and Little Daylight were also so fun and approachable. Nightmare and the Cat, a five piece from LA, is a rather unique indie rock group that I personally never heard anything like before. Little Daylight, consisting of a trio from Brooklyn, plays some catchy indie pop that I can groove to. I must say this concert had the whole package. Overall, I am content. Always good to have reminders to shake the weight of living and just forget about my worries for a few hours. Next event I'm looking forward to: Nuit Blanche.