Time is Dancing

The first semester of my senior year came and went and I still don't see signs of slowing down. Aside from my four design related courses, I also took a film course, and a classical singing course. Film was an interesting one, watching classics like Mildred Pierce and The Bicycle Thief really opened my eyes to the world of film. Classical singing was an interesting too. Since I haven't sung since grade 12 choir, I was beyond nervous to be tested solo with my classmates staring at me (although everyone was probably in the same boat). Either way, taking a break from the design labs twice a week was pretty liberating. Seeing dancers dancing in the hallways and hearing musicians practicing their instruments gives off such a different vibe than walking down the quiet hallways of TEL. Throughout my three and a half years at York, I've taken an Earth and Atmospheric Science course (Natural Disasters), philosophy courses, and psychology as well. These are all subjects that I've always been interested in throughout high school and I'm happy I had the opportunity to learn more even as a design student. 

Now, on my last winter break as a student, I'm realizing that things just don't slow down. From personal projects, to freelancing, to catching up with old friends, it's actually hard to find time to sit down and finish all the books I've started at the end of summer. I have three more weeks to "relax" and "take it easy" before my final semester starts. It's weird to think that in a little over four months its my turn to display what I've been working on during the past few years at our grad show. April's going to be one roller coaster ride. And what happens afterwards? While a few of my friends intend to work immediately, there's also a handful of us that want to travel as much as we can before settling down with a full time job in the fall. During the past few weeks I found myself in random bursts of anxiousness mixed in with a tad bit of excitement (the excitement comes and goes). Of course I'm excited for what's next, but the uncertainty of where I want to be is making me a little antsy. I should just take it a day at a time - number one on my checklist: Graduate.