I can't seem to word how grateful I am to have been apart of such a wonderful team and conference. During these past eight months I had the opportunity to witness the 12 other executives of TEDxUTSC really excel at their talents. In return, the feedback to our conference was amazing. Our views are currently climbing on Livestream and I'm continuing to hear good words from viewers and attendees.

Needless to say, I've certainly grown as a designer, acquiring experience designing for different platforms that I wouldn't have imagined eight months ago. Finally getting to see my designs in my hands, all around us, as well as everyone else's hard work come alive was magical. It was wonderful seeing our speakers stand in front of our delegates and deliver their talks, inspiring people to delve into their thoughts and conjure up ideas they wouldn't have before.

I would have never befriended such a diverse group of people if I had not joined TEDxUTSC. I look up to each and everyone of them for what they do and what they are capable of. I highly encourage people to go out of their comfort zone and go join something they feel hesitant about. Being in a joint program, I never felt fixed within one campus, thus, I was happy to include University of Toronto Scarborough Campus into the list of schools I am associated with.