I am officially 1/3 of the way through my last semester in YSDN and grad show preparation is in full swing! Each graduate is creating their own version of our grad show's logo, putting their own personal little spin into it. When it came to making mine, I really didn't know what to focus on. Should I include the foods that I love (cereal, doughnuts, pizza.. drool), or flowers (I love all things floral), should I bake something, or should I actually do some artsy stuffs? And so, I did three renditions. The first one is actually a chewy chocolate Reese cookie that didn't come out of the oven looking too good, second is my breakfast of choice, and lastly is some potpourri that I actually used in one of my Type lll projects. I love food, but I stuck with the latter.

Our grad show takes place on April 19th - 21st at the Liberty Grand in the west side of Toronto (25 British Columbia Road, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3). Keep updated by following us on Twitter and Facebook! See you there :) x