Time To Get Funky

What a whirlwind the past two months has been. From York U's brief but dreadful strike to preparing for the grad show... No one ever really stopped working. There is officially two more days until opening night and I am ready as I'll ever be. Everything's printed and everything's mounted - of course, I had celebratory ice cream afterwards. 

Recently, I've become rather interested in motion work, I didn't have the chance to take any motion classes during my time at YSDN, but I am most definitely going to teach myself this summer when I'm free (I will keep my word... hopefully). Whether it's type in motion, or animations, it's amazing how movement can amplify a simple phrase, image, or song.

Todd Terje came out with a new video for his song "Alfonso Muskedunder" just two days ago and I fell in love. Not only was Todd Terje's It's Album Time one of my favourite albums of 2014, I have always adored the illustrations that came along with all his singles for the album. 

Bendik Kaltenborn, an artist from Oslo, is the illustrator that is credited for Todd Terje's most recent illustration works. But this time, he has teamed with Espen Friberg to create the funky/fresh/amazing/sogreat music video for Terje. I adore all kinds of flat, colourful illustrations, as well as wonky shapes... thus, this video makes me extremely happy.

Kaltenborn stated that "Although the video looks spontaneous it is actually very carefully planned down to the smallest beat, but we still had some room for improvisation as well. I guess none of us are really professional animators, so I’m really happy that we managed to make this video look exactly like we planned from the start." And with this note, I will keep in mind that: 1. Collaborations are always good 2. Even if you're not an expert, time and dedication will make it worth it.

If you're interested, you can catch a friendly little conversation between Terje, Kaltenborn, and Friberg over at It's Nice That to get a glimpse into how the two illustrators worked together, and what kind of relationship the three of them has.