Lets Catch Up: Travel, Work, Self Love

Dear blog, I am so sorry for not updating you. Life happened, I guess. The last time I wrote was a few days before my grad show. It went well, of course. What happened after that is all a blur to be honest. 

Before I started working full time, I knew I wanted to travel; going to London last summer gave me the travel bug. This May I was able to visit Japan, Korea, and China with my family. Our first family trip since I was thirteen. Within those three countries, we were able to go through over ten citiesI am super grateful for this trip my parents funded (haha). Being able to experience the culture in Japan and Korea was super exciting and fruitful, but it was China that was most important to me. The last time I visited China, I wasn't at an age where I was able to fully cherish where my parents and grandparents grew up. It was great to finally see my relatives again after almost a decade and to soak in all the history. After coming back home, my graduation was in a week. That day came and went, and the next day I embarked on a five week eurotrip with three of my girlfriends. 

So what can I say about my eurotrip... Packing light is important. No, actually, pack for all seasonsthat's a good one. We were able to visit (in order) London, Paris, Gimmelwald/Zurich, Venice, Rome, Ibiza, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Amsterdam. So much happened: new friends, old friends, wine by the seine, Disclosure on a rooftop, deep house all day and night, hang gliding over Interlaken, gelato everyday, and on it goes. This is the largest gift I have ever given myself.

A little under a month after I returned home, I started working at Idea Couture (where I'm at currently). Going from wandering new cities with no set schedule to a full time job was a crazy adjustment. I have always been the hardest critic on myself. Thus, the feeling of inadequacy was something I felt daily. Jen, my friends would say, you're only a junior, you can't expect to know everything coming out of school. And luckily, the weeks gradually went by and I became more accustomed to the way the company worked. Of course, I'm still only a few months in and have much more to learn. I know that this new sense of vulnerability means there will be much growth for me in the future. I can't expect to grow when I feel completely at easeseek discomfort as Sagmeister says.