Top Albums of 2016

This year has been a different one. Seeing as I didn't post a "Top Albums of 2015," (I slacked, darn it!) the transition from previous favourites may be a little drastic. 

I always look forward to analyzing my listening habits at the end of each year. I guess it tells me how much I've changed not necessary as a person, but how new environments may have impacted me in a certain way. 

First off is Wet's Don't You. This album has been a staple in my playlist ever since it came out in January. Although Pitchfork may care to disagree, I thoroughly enjoy the "synthpop, Cat Power-ish folk, '90s R&B, and modern alt R&B" vibes that Wet displays in the album. It's feels like a combination of what I've been listening to these past years since university, and that's most likely why it's my numero uno for 2016. I was a happy camper when I got to see them in both Brooklyn and Toronto this Summer/Autumn.

Next, is dvsn's Sept 5th, Majid Jordan's Self Titled, Rihanna's Anti, and Drake's Views. Slow jams, pop jams, emotional jams, we got 'em all here. Been giving me that Toronto pride all year long [minus Rihanna]. But I do remember the day my friend Anthony recommended me to Rihanna's Anti, claiming it to be more ~alternative~ than her usual stuff. Thanks Ant :) These albums have been my walking to work grooves from winter to summer.

Yuna's Chapters extrudes heartbreak and emotion, feelings that are all too real. This album got me through my inevitable long distance relationship when I was in New York for a quick stint. Who can deny that early 2000's R&B vibe with Usher on Crush? I was lucky enough to catch Yuna in New York when my friend Melanie luckily got tickets from the Uber Summer Concert Series (Thanks again Mel!) I'm going to follow immediately with Frank Ocean's Blonde. I wasn't much of a Frank Ocean listener either. If there were a Top 2015 Albums, you'd realize that it was in 2015 that I started listening to more R&B. Along with Yuna's Chapters, Blonde extrudes the kind of raw emotion that keeps me wanting more.

Last but not least, Zhu's generationwhy and Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman. Just pure no-shame poppy bliss. No guilty pleasure here. That upbeat music got me grinding my designs all day and night. And so ends this year's top favs. Looking forward to next year's! :)