I've never been a good consoler... but I've always tried my best to reassure my friends and family things will be alright when they share with me their sorrows and troubles. I know it's super important to always offer a ear to listen, a body to hug, and my utmost attention because that's exactly what I would want when I'm struggling with my emotions. After all, words of affirmation is all I want to hear at the end of the day.

Mental health started becoming increasingly important in my life during high school. With friends who practiced self-harm, the passing of loved ones, and the sensitivity and self-consciousness that comes with your adolescence, high school was rather messy. Very often while driving me to school, my dad told me if I had any problems to always share them with him, having depressed children is not something he would allow. But of course, I always sought out my friends instead. I'm glad I grew up surrounded by loved ones who acknowledge mental illnesses and seek help when dealing with poor mental health.

I recognize that people develop unhealthy mindsets at a very young age due to the overwhelming pressure society feed through the media. Eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and more is extremely common and not only should it be addressed more heavily within schools, but there also should be more clinics and locations where individuals would be able to access support services as soon as they need it. Many of these specialized care programs/facilities either have too long of a wait, or are too costly. It's 2017 and I believe funding should increase drastically as everyday people like you and I may need them as soon as possible.

Long story short - Mental health is important. Hope you tweeted, snapped, or #BellLetsTalked in some way or form today. Here's a TEDx video I found perfect for this occasion.